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A male plug that transforms into any 1 of 9 different female configurations is just the product that can come in handy for any welder, farmer, and everyone else that constantly moves their equipment from place to place only to find they can't plug in. Not anymore! As long as your equipment is compatible with the power source you are going into, you can enjoy the efficiency of the Davis Multi-Plug!

Davis Multi-Plug

SKU: 769194511586

    • 9 Configuration Possiblities
    • Easily transformed
    • UL Listed
    • Patent pending one bolt hose clamp cord system (No more stripped screws, lost pieces, or wasted time)
    • Place to write what type of electricity the equipment requires or which machine the plug belongs to
  • This plug is compatible in the following NEMA configurations (These designs can be seen in the pictures of the product):


    14-30          15-30          18-30

    14-50          15-50          18-50

    14-60          15-60          18-60


    The Davis Multi-Plug is rated for 30 to 60 amperes and 125/208/250 volts. The Davis Multi-Plug comes with everything in the first product image including 9 labeled discs so the user can identify the electricity type and the UL listing for the plug.

    Please read all safety information before using.

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